Dr. John Sylvester, Radiation Oncologist


Dr. John Sylvester is a board-certified Radiation Oncologist with a sub-specialty in the treatment of prostate cancer including brachytherapy / seed therapy.

In August, Dr. Sylvester  was invited and participated on the Advisory board meeting for Provenge, (immune therapy/vaccine for metastatic hormone resistant prostate cancer), ASTRO annual radiation oncology meeting in Boston.

-          On Saturday, October 28th, Dr. Sylvester participated in the Myriad advisory board regarding a new prostate cancer prognostic procedure.


      The following day he gave a talk on Space OAR with IG-IMRT for prostate cancer at the investigators meeting. Dr. Sylvester also gave a talk on Endo-rectal Balloon use for IG-IMRT for Prostate cancer.

-          In addition, Dr. Sylvester had a paper accepted regarding THINStrand radioactive seeds for prostate cancer brachytherapy.

He continues to accrue patients to 2 separate research studies:

-          SpaceOAR for IG-IMRT low-intermediate risk prostate cancer  patients

-          IGRT + Cs-131 seeds for intermediate to high risk prostate cancer patients.

       For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sylvester, contact Florida Medical Retreat.


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