“Dear Dr. Sandberg,

… I recently departed The Inn at The Sarasota Bay Club (AKA The Ritz Carleton North) after 17 glorious days and nights as a “guest”. Never before in my 73 years on this planet have I had a more memorable experience. From the top administrator to the newest employee, all of the staff was incredible…”


“Dear Dr. Sandberg,

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful care I had received during my rehabilitation at the Inn…The Inn is such a serene, lovely, ideal place to recover…In addition, my appreciation extends to the culinary team who were exceptional in meeting my dietary needs in the most gracious way. In the future I will always hold the Inn of Sarasota Bay Club in the highest regards to those enduring for future rehabilitation purposes.”


“Dear Dr. Deb,

Thank you for sharing your time and plans for the Inn with me, I’m impressed with the “B&B with OT/PT” theory. Your reputation is definitely deserved.”


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