The 6 Steps

Florida Medical Retreat has developed a comprehensive step-by-step program to best guarantee a safe and pleasurable medical retreat.

1 Speak with your Coordinator
Florida Medical Retreat will provide a safe and pleasurable medical retreat. Your coordinator will help guide you through the process to ensure a luxurious, revitalizing, and relaxing retreat in paradise. Meet your Coordinator

2Choose your Procedure | Meet your Specialist
Choose your medical procedure and meet your highly specialized surgical physician. Florida Medical Retreat is proud to provide a selection of the world’s top doctors – all with a focus on advancing medical technology and minimally invasive surgery techniques. Choose your Procedure.

3 Review our Premier Hospitals & Surgery Centers
Not only is Sarasota a top travel destination, our area features some of the world’s top hospitals – beautifully maintained and well-equipped with the latest surgical technology. Research our Hospitals and Surgery Centers.

4 Review our Premier Rehabilitation Facility
Following your surgical or medical procedure, you will experience a pleasurable recovery in our premier rehabilitation facility. Visit our top rehabilitation center, specializing in medical rehabilitation and restorative therapy. Review our Medical Rehab Facility.

5 Review our Luxury Waterfront Accommodations
Treat your family to the world’s most luxurious, resort-style accommodations while you receive top medical care. Preview our Luxurious, Premier accommodations.

6 Contact our Concierge
Your concierge will provide you with a superior level of individualized care to help you create a well-planned travel itinerary. From organizing events such as a visit to the world-renowned Ringling Museum and Asolo Theater to planning your relaxing day on the crystal white sands of Siesta Key, our concierge is there to help you plan your medical retreat – every step of the way. Meet your Concierge. 


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