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 From our Specialists
 Florida Medical Retreat Will Find the Answers for You (pdf)
 Kidney Care: Robotics Keeps Urology Patients Close to Home (pdf) by Dr. Matthew Perry
 Creating a Center for Excellence (pdf) by Dr. David Shoemaker
 Wrist Fractures: White Paper (pdf) by Dr. Christopher Sforzo

 From our Clients
 "Never before in my 73 years on this planet have I had a more memorable experience."
 "Thank you for sharing your time and plans for the Inn with me, I’m impressed with the “B&B with OT/PT” theory."
 "The Inn is such a serene, lovely, ideal place to recover..."


Michael Swor, MD - Advance Gynecology and Gyn Surgery

Dr. Swor specializes in using laparoscopic and robotic surgery to treat gynecologic disorders, such as large fibroids and endometriosis, and offers many options for less invasive alternatives to hysterectomy as well as reconstructive and cosmetic gynecologic surgery. READ MORE...


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