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 From our Specialists
 Florida Medical Retreat Will Find the Answers for You (pdf)
 Kidney Care: Robotics Keeps Urology Patients Close to Home (pdf) by Dr. Matthew Perry
 Creating a Center for Excellence (pdf) by Dr. David Shoemaker
 Wrist Fractures: White Paper (pdf) by Dr. Christopher Sforzo

 From our Clients
 "Never before in my 73 years on this planet have I had a more memorable experience."
 "Thank you for sharing your time and plans for the Inn with me, I’m impressed with the “B&B with OT/PT” theory."
 "The Inn is such a serene, lovely, ideal place to recover..."


David Showalter, MD - Vascular, Vein and Artery Surgery

Dr. Showalter specializes in complex bypass surgery; standard open and minimally invasive aneurysm surgery; carotid stenting and surgery; varicose veins injections, removal and laser therapy, as well as other vascular, vein and artery disorders. READ MORE...


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